James Owen Sullivan, but simply Jimmy for everyone, was born on February 9 of 1981 in Huntington Beach, California. His parents are Joseph and Barbara and Jimmy has two siblings: Kelly, the elder and Katie the younger.

Since a baby Jimmy shows an interest beating things everywhere, as his dad told, also in the bathtub he loved to tap the little bottles of soap everywhere. Also on his sisters’ head.

At the age of 3 he received his first drum, one of those music “toy” just to have fun but he became so attached to that precious drum. At 10, the family gave him a more professional drum and Jimmy’s passion become serious. At the age of 13 he began attending lessons at the “Harbor Music College” in Los Angeles.

Jimmy was a difficult child and egocentric, smart but inattentive, he had been expelled from 4 school in HB because of his “unsuitable behavior in a school context”.
At the age of 8 he met for the first time Matt, it was at a summer camp where they both play basket. That’s the start of a friendship that will last for more than 20 years.

In the same period, he met Zacky at the St Bonaventure school that he attented with Matt, and in the next school, Brian, the one that will be his bestfriend ever.
With Brian everything started with a fight in the classroom, a big antipathy that going on since the first sight. But after that they talked for a bunch of minutes they become inseparable.

In the teenage years Jimmy takes te exuberant nickname “The Reverend Tholomew Plague” that that he would have used up until the golden years in Avenged Sevenfold.
Before 1999, the year when Jimmy, Matt and Zacky officially formed Avenged Sevenfold, Jimmy has played with some band like Ballistico, Successful Failure and Suburban Legend.

In 2001, simultanously with his commitments with A7X, Jimmy has another band, a side project with Brian called Pinkly Smooth that in summer of the same year recorded a demo with 6 songs (covers of a local band), the cd’s name is “Unfortunate Snort”.
During the recordings of first Avenged Sevenfold’s cd, Sounding The Seventh Trumpet, Brian joined the band as a lead guitarist.
From here the band’s career and the Jimmy’s one will be “all on the rise”, earning awards and magazines covers, sharing the stage with important band as Metallica, Iron Maiden and many others.

On Dec. 28 of 2009, Jimmy passed away.
The autopsy toxicological tests have determined that the cause of his death is an accidental overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol in addition to an acute cardiomegaly that Jimmy didn’t knew to have. It happens during his sleep.
The cause of this senseless death has left everyone speechless.
After a Vigil and a private funeral ceremony, Jimmy rests from 6 January 2010 in his loved Huntington Beach.

Some months after his death, tired of the rumors of a “Jimmy’s suicide”, the Sullivans family affirmed in an interview with Chris Epting that this supposition is completely WRONG.

And these are the exactly Barbara Sullivan’s words:
“He (Jimmy) loved life, and was really looking forward to recording and touring again with his best friends. Jimmy did not know he had an enlarged heart. On the day he died he was drunk – an addiction he was battling daily and thus the trace amount of anti-depressant. He took a powerful pain pill as he was having extreme heartburn that evening. It was a combination of all four things that overwhelmed him, and it was not deliberate. As a mom, I would like to tell the fans that Jimmy nailed it – it IS a nightmare to be left behind suffering, we have no choice but to make our own way……and it isn’t so cool to drink too much or to share your prescription meds even if your friend is in pain.”